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Master Reader 45 Years

Natural Psychic Medium available for on the Phone or By Email Coffee Cup Readings 


Julie's Coffee Cup Readings 

Can surprise you with amazing messages

Ability to see the past, reveal present issues, and project well into the distant future 

Is healing for the soul

May reveal matters on relations, love, money, and travel 

Connected with mother earth (Gaia ) the environment and spirit animals 

May provide insight in finding lost ones, matters of business affairs, and other important situations in a persons life 

Making Grecian Coffee OpA!
1. Obtain finely ground Greek coffee. Brew in a Grecian briki or small saucepan will do . For two persons, add 2 teaspoons of coffee into a briki with two full cups of water. Bring slowly to almost boil. Serve in a Grecian or espresso sized cup, preferably white. 
2. Once you have finished sipping, leave a little coffee and allow coffee sediments to sit on the bottom of the cup, place the saucer on top, make a wish and swirl the liquid gently a few times and flip cup over . Let it settle onto the saucer for about 5 minutes then onto a napkin. DO NOT PEEK! 
3. Take aerial view of cup , at the handle , left and right of handle , bottom of cup and any interesting images you want read. For in depth reading you may add a wish print , and saucer 


Ancient Water Divination and Aevil Eye Removal   

Spiteful people have the means to cast the aevil eye on a person causing them bad luck or ill health. A deliberate curse made upon another person. The most common form of apotropaic force against the evil eye involves the making of protective charms and traditional water divination. Thus resulting in turning away the gawp of the evil eye, causing it to reflect back to the sender.   In my ancestral tradition we often call on our Elders whether they are close by or long distance, and ask them to remove the evil eye.

Do you think you have been cursed or someone has written a spell against you? Perhaps you simply want to rid of negative energy around you with a distance Aura clearing.


Upon your request , I can exercise a traditional ritual passed on from my ancient ancestors to locate and remove the gawp of the evil eye. This is a respected traditional ritual and my fees are reasonable. In addition, together with my innate shamanic and reiki abilities I can send distance healing through the power of meditation. 


Distance Aevil Eye Removal Ritual with long distance energy clearing = the entire ritual is exercised for a period of  20 minutes - You may provide a photo for this special ritual  


APOTROPAIC (from Greek apotrepai ‘ to ward off ‘turn away harm or aevil influence, deflecting misfortune or averting the aevil eye. The Greeks made the offerings to the AVERTING GODS (Apotropai Theo - Kythonic deities (Spirits of the underworld e.g. Persephone daughter of Zeus, Queen of the underworld) and heroes who grant safety and deflect aevil .



Draw Happiness into your Life  - Spring clean your living space now. Get rid of unused items in your cupboards and wardrobe. Clear out items that should not be in your bedroom . Relocate these items , or donate them and  give them away . Now you are a step closer to ridding negative energies lurking in your home

Julie’s extra tips for ridding negative energies in your home and help draw divine white light back into your living space 

1.            Earth and Water Energy  - Obtain crystal salts because it is an excellent purifier that can absorb negative energies, resulting in a cleaner and more protected personal environment. Place the salt  in your favourite bowl with water and sprinkle your home with it. Water is good for clearing negative vibrational emotions in any room.

2.            Fire Energy - Candle light helps to disperse negative energies in rooms almost immediately.  Candle light is a powerful energy force and can be comforting after an eventful day, or when conflicts have occurred.  To bless your abode, light a white, blue or pink candle.

If you’re feeling there is something not right or missing in your life, sit quietly and light your favourite candle. Gaze at its bright energy imagining that the candle flame is lighting up your inner soul and the entire universe. Relax breath in, breath out and say a little affirmation, a wish, and a prayer for yourself, for healing and peace in the world. Make an affirmation to always have this eternal healing flame alight forever and ever no matter what.   


3.            Air Energy - Smoke is the element of air, taking our prayers and intentions and rising up to the heavens.  Incense burning cleanses the atmosphere of negative energy and energizes the living space. It is a ritual burning of herbs such as Sage (traditional used in Ancient Greece), associated with purifying objects and people and also used before meditation.  

4.            Sound Energy – Sound vibrations using bells, singing bowls and drums. Can break up negative energy and invoke good energy. A balancing tool traditionally used by Native Americans. Try clapping your hands around the house and corners of your rooms

There is no quick fix to negative energy, maintaining your living space requires regular clearing.  Peace and tranquility comes from not only looking after the exterior of your living environment, but also nurturing your inner soul


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