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About Online PTE Coaching by Tej Singh

In 2014 Australian government introduced a legislation which recognized PTE (Pearson Test of English), as an acceptable English Exam, which could be used as an alternative to IELTS. Since then most students have chosen PTE due to the fact that it was too difficult for them to get band 7 or higher in IELTS.

However, PTE can be as hard as IELTS or even more, without developing a clear logical concepts and having right training.

PTE is designed for students who need scores in order to get more points for immigration and academic purposes. So it’s very important to take it seriously and get help from someone who does the Teaching, Not just talking.

Someone who aims to ensure that you gain PTE specific skills that are directly appropriate for practise. A training institute that can provide you with well-structured and comprehensive PTE training.

Who can help you?

Tej Singh can help you.

Who is Tej Singh?

Tej Singh is a very accomplished English Coach with extensive experience in teaching. Before coming to Australia, he was a English coach in Delhi, India and has also worked as a Content Writer in the corporate world.

It was in 2009 that Tej started using his skills to train IELTS students with an idea to provide the most flexible and tailor made classes. The driving factor for his decision was the sheer importance of the English Test in the immigration process and the great difficulties that the students or other immigrants face in clearing these tests due to lack of proper coaching and guidance.

Tej has worked as a NAATI approved Interpreter (Punjabi - English), has been a Social Activist, and has been training students for IELTS & PTE exams since 2009.

What are Tej's main accomplishments?

Tej has taught over 3,500 students and has a success rate of over 80%. Majority of his new students come via referrals by his current or previous students, which in itself is a testament to his quality and style of coaching.

Think for a moment here, would you recommend someone to your friend unless you're really impressed by the person's work? We're pretty sure, you answered 'NO'.

So the fact so many of his students refer him to others, speaks volumes of his commitment and dedication to getting the best results for his students.

How much is the course fee?

Each student's circumstances, skills, strengths and weaknesses are unique. So, we tailor our coaching and learning to what suits you as an individual. Please give us a call so that we can understand your unique situation and help you accordingly.

Ok, I want to attend TEJ PTE classes but I live country side. Do you provide any option where I can Study?

At TEJ PTE we understand that large number of studnets live in country side and have no access to good quality PTE coaching. We even had request form students asking for our proven quality Online Study Material, Mock Test and even our Feedback for better results. After all the these requestes we have come up with TEJ PTE Online Coaching where our Online Teacher will fully inform you on “The Best Exam Cracking Strategies” and set you on the right path. We even will assist you in booking your “Test Date”. 

How does PTE Online Classes work?

  • 24X7 Access - At your convenience and pace - simply enter your user name and the given password to sign in.
  • Updated Study Material - We research aggressively and update our question Bank i.e - New Summaries/Essays/ Listening / Reading Questions – regularly
  • Feedback For Improvement - Instant results for most of the components - For writing and Listening Summaries– Quality Feedback, in a video format, will hit your inbox within 48 hours of submission
  • Mock Tests - Will provide you access to the REAL Past Pte Exam Questions. Mock Tests are timed just like the real PTE Academic Tests

Sign up for FREE DEMO Online classes or call Tej Singh to book FREE 2 day trial classes.

How will you know if Tej Singh is the best for me?

Great question. Regardless what we say to you about ourselves to convince you of our capabilities, the ultimate deciding factor is what you experience when you step into one of our classrooms. That is when you can actually make up your mind whether we're the ones who'll coach and mentor to bring the very best out of you.

So, rather than talking about ourselves, we offer you trial classes. These give you FREE access to any of our classes for 2 days, allowing you to experience what we have to offer.

Attend the class, see the difference and make up your mind. As simple as that without any deposits, paperwork or any other catch.

What can I expect when I join? 

  • 60 hours of classes in 4 Weeks
  • Choice to attend Morning or Evening classes (Class duration is 3 hours)
  • Small group classes
  • Flexible timetable
  • FREE PTE online preparation materials
  • No signup contract or fee
  • Cover Up classes at no extra cost
  • All 4 Modules of PTE covering Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Ask us any question on WHATSAPP, Facebook or whatever you like
  • Write as much as you like, we will mark and score all your writings

How will you know if you need more or less training?

Before you join, we will arrange a call with you and get the detailed information about your needs (6, 7 or 8 bands) and difficulties. Once that is done, we will advise you on the number of hours of coaching you would require to achieve your desired result. Students starting from scratch may require more hours whereas students with prior PTE experience may need help with only one of the 4 modules.

Ultimately, our coaching will be suited to your individual circumstances.

What if you were late or missed the class?

If you think that you need extra help or missed a coaching class. You can always attend another class at no extra cost. We offer the most flexible training classes so that students can perform to the best of their ability.

Feeling anxious before PTE exams. Who can help you?

Frequently it's not the academic or technical skills that are keeping you from your dream score but it's the psychological factors. If that's the case then we focus our training on the Psychological aspect of the exam rather than the academic challenges.

It’s very common to feel anxious and stressed. But it should not let you underperform at the exams. Using his wealth of experience, Tej can can guide you, on how to best minimise anxiety and stress.

Why should I join Tej's Learning and not any other training institute?

Because at Tej's PTE, we pay special attention to each and every student and make sure that every class is designed to meet student’s specific needs. We have been successful in getting students to achieve their desired bands for various visa and skills assessment applications.

For students who are reappearing in PTE Test, We aim at improving their English language skills. So they can achieve a higher band score in each of the four modules (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of PTE Test.

Anything else?

As a special offer exclusively for our students, if you book PTE exam through us, then we can get you a 10% discount on the exam fee.

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