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About Om Shiva Shakthi Astrological Centre

We all know that life can be extremely tough at times, whether it be love, relationships with family and friends, or career & finances. A Psychic Reader or Palm Reader are always there to guide us through these trying moments and to support us in restoring the harmonious and happy existence we deserve.

Pandit Laskhman Ji has over 20 years of experience and many different skills that will enable him to help you see your future, take advantage of opportunities, remove any kind of black magic and answer life’s big questions with face reading.

Pandit Ji can help you get rid of any kind of Negative Energy an break any kind of black magic that is preventing you from enjoying and succeeding in your life.

Are you asking your self these question, If yes then Pandit  Lakshman Ji has a solution for you.

  • Should I stay with the same job or is it time to make a career move? 
  • Is my current relationship going to work out or is there one around the corner with a much greater potential for a joyous life? 
  • Should I remain where I'm living or should I move to a new place for better career and personal life opportunity?
  • Why things are not working out between me and my husband?
  • How will I know if my family is a victim of dangerous Black Magic?
  • Should I take action now or wait for a sign? 

Can Pandit Ji read my Palm and tell me more about my future?

The kind of music you listen to, your personal style, and your favourite food says a lot about who you are. Yet, to discover who you truly are, let Pandit Lakshman Ji read your palm and unveil the secrets about your strengths, flaws, experiences, and where you are headed in life. His predictions are so powerful that they act as a indicator of your true life.

Who can Pandit Ji help?

Pandit Lakshman Ji can help anyone and can find solution to any problem, let that be removing black magic or bringing your love back. Through his powerful prayer and psychic reading abilities, he has helped people with Visa problems, Love problems, Business problems and even helped people deal with Court and Family issues.

Pandit Ji can also perform various kinds of Pooja?

  • Lakshmi Pooja for peace, wealth and prosperity.
  • Durga Pooja for various hindu festivals
  • Vaastu Pooja before and after constructing new house
  • Shiva Rudhra Homa for House, Shops and Business establishment

How do I contact Pandit Ji?

Pandit Ji can be contacted on the number given in the contact details section above. To help everyone, he is happy to be contacted at anytime and any day of the week.

To make sure evil spirits and negative energy is removed through prayers and to predict your future through palm readingCall Pandit Ji to share your problems and get the much needed help before its too late.

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  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada


Railway Parade, Westmead NSW 2145

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