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About Hypnosis In Melbourne

Are you struggling to overcome personal difficulties? Are you tired of not living to your true potential?

If yes, then your life doesn't have to be a struggle. A lot of people think that they have to fight or struggle to succeed, in reality all you have to do is to change your mind to change your life. You can FREE YOUR SELF from limiting beliefs. You can change your life through gentle hypnotherapy and overcome obstacles that prevent them from living life to the full.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is about getting the power of the mind on board to help improve the health and wellbeing of both the emotional self and the physical body. You can begin to make the changes you want to your automatic behaviours and emotional reactions, so they become positive for you instead of negative or self-limiting.

How does it work?

Research shows that when people are in a hypnotic state it alters the way the brain processes information. It gives us access to the powerful, personal resources that all of us have in our subconscious. In hypnosis we have more flexibility and power to replace old response circuits with new desirable ones that can assist us to achieve those things we have previously struggled to do using our every day conscious mind.

Who can Help me?

Sam Javed can help you, he has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals. His unique Hypnotherapy technique is incredibly effective in creating positive and lasting change.

Sam Javed is Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and have accumulated vast experience in the fields of, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Mesmerism, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has worked with thousands of individuals, one to one and in groups, showing them how to swiftly change their life.

Other areas where Sam can help you?

  • Lose Weight at get healthy life back
  • Hypnosis for Relationship
  • Cure Insomnia and get sleepless nights 
  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression in life
  • Hypnosis for Relationship
  • Recover from fear and Phobia
  • Develop Confidence and Self Esteem to start a professional business life
  • Clinical Hypnosis & Mesmerism

Can Sam help me deal with Addiction?

What ever your addiction is, Sam can help you beat through his advanced hypnotherapy programs. Addictions and habits are negative behaviours and patterns that may interfere with a person’s ability to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Sam's clients enjoy a highly effective and personalised service, prior to the hypnotherapy all concerns and goals are discussed in depth. This allows the treatment to be focused, targeted and effective. The hypnotherapy session (Addiction) process itself is pleasant and relaxing after each treatment clients report feelings of calmness, clarity and enhanced control over their decision-making processes. With a result of being pulled out of a bad habit or end an addiction for ever.

Types of Addiction that Sam has helped his clients with:

  • Chocolate - Sugar
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Eating Disorder
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

Can Hypnotherapy help me with Weight Loose and improve self Image?

Through One on One clinical hypnotherapy. Sam will meet with you and perform a detailed analysis of your weight issues. During this personal face to face interaction he will address not just the SYMTOMS but the TRUE CAUSE of your issue. You’ll be able to give information, ask questions, bounce ideas and get feedback. During the hypnosis sessions he will communicate with your deeper subconscious mind and will address to the PART that WANTS to lose weight and also address to the PART that’s trying to SABOTAGE you out of slimness. He will teach you how to comfortably release negative emotions.

I have tried before but failed to Quit Smoking, can you help me?

You might be smoking a pack or more a day? No problem. Sam has helped people from all walks of life to quit smoking, from those who smoke one or two after meals to 2-3 packs a day smokers. Sam understands that each smoker has a unique history and circumstance, so he will tailor every session to an individual need and will use the most advanced hypnotherapy techniques, combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you to Quit Smoking habit.

Phobia has overtaken my life completely, How can your Hypnotherapy Program help me?  

Phobias occur when fears become unreasonable and can occur from just one incident but they can also stem from repeated incidents in someone's past. You may choose to ignore it first, then it may develop to whereby your heart starts beating very fast, perhaps a feeling of sickness, dryness of the mouth, tension, becoming breathless, to even a feeling of fainting or actual fainting.

Types of Phobia that Sam can help you overcome.

  • Animals: spiders, insects, snakes, birds, dogs, cats and reptiles.
  • Natural Environment: such as water, thunderstorms, lightning, heights, fire, and the dark.
  • Blood - Injury -Needles: such as injections, the sight of blood, dentist, surgical operations, or other  medical procedures.
  • Situational: such as flying, lifts, driving a car, tunnels, bridges, enclosed spaces, or being sick.

Sam’s Hypnotherapy process normally takes approximately 3-6 sessions depending on how deep seated the phobia is and how long it has been in place, response and commitment from you, as opposed to much longer methods used by psychologists, psychotherapists and conventional Hypnotherapists, etc.

Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment. Because with continued success, you may need to CALL sooner rather then later.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about how hypnotherapy could help you, Call Sam to find better ways to address issues and to find relief.

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