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About ELLI, English Language Learning Institute

At English Language Learning Institute ELLI, we believe our success lies in your success. Unless you are successful, as a training institute we can never be successful and continue to grow. Therefore, rest assured, we will impart the best of the strategies and tips to you to ensure you are successful.

Irrespective of your current proficiency in English, our basic formats, strategies and tips will enable you to achieve a minimum level in the PTE examination. We understand the importance of this examination in your life and therefore ensure every possible inputs to make you successful.

Who can help me?

ELLI and their dedicated team.

What is ELLI?

English Language Learning Institute ELLI is a team of trainers, who themselves have gone through taking the PTE examination and are qualified to provide you with the best of the strategies and tips to score your required marks in the PTE examination.

How can ELLI help me?

Wether you are for looking to obtain Australian Permanent Residency or looking for Nursing Registration, Our easy to follow and effective strategies will help you to achieve the desired scores in the PTE examination. If you follow our practice sessions, suggested hours of study and implement the strategies flawlessly during the examination, you will definitely be able to score your desired scores for PTE examination.

How much is the course fee? 

The actual price for the PTE examination preparation course is $ 575, but as an inaugural offer, we price this course at only $ 500. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to book an appointment.

I am working and my availability is subject to my working hours. Can I attend different batches post my admission at ELLI?

Yes. Once you are our student, you can discuss with our course advisor and can opt for any batches and can even attend different batches to manage your work timings and coaching. We are committed to provide you the best of the options and make you successful.

At ELLI students have 3 timetable options to choose from depending upon their current proficiency and availability.

Option 1 (Recommended)

  • Days : Tuesday – Friday
  • Hours / Day : 2 hours 30 minutes a day
  • Duration of Classes : 4 Days for 4 Weeks
  • Total Hours : 40
  • Confidence Booster Hours : 2
  • Sundays Test Hours : 12
  • Overall Hours: 54

Option 2 (Crash Course)

  • Days : Tuesday – Friday
  • Hours / Day : 10 hours a day
  • Duration of Classes: 4 Days for 1 Week
  • Total Hours: 40
  • Confidence Booster Hours : 2
  • Sundays Test Hours: 12
  • Overall Hours: 54

Option 3 (Crash Course SATURDAY Batches)

  • Days : Saturday Batches
  • Hours / Day : 8 hours a day
  • Duration of Classes: One day/Week for 4 Weeks
  • Total Hours: 32
  • Confidence Booster Hours : 2
  • Sundays Test Hours: 12
  • Overall Hours: 46

Are you open on weekends?

Yes, we are open on weekends and have assessments, tests and crash courses running on Saturdays and Sundays. But No Classes on Monday.

Do you provide PTE course materials?

Yes, we do provide all the necessary course materials, practice questions and answers. We give hardcopies and softcopies for easy and convenient access. We do not charge you extra for any of these materials. In fact, we also provide fully scored and evaluated Mock Test for just $7.

Can I stay back at your institute the whole day and study, if my work hours permit me to do so?

Yes, You can. A lot of students ask for this facility and at ELLI, we are happy to provide you with this service. You can stay back at our institute, use our infrastructure and study all day along.

What if I miss my PTE score requirements in my first attempt?

You are absolutely free to contact one of our experienced staff to analyse your score card in details for every single aspect and then zero in on the possible reasons for missing out the desired scores. Once we narrow down the possible reasons, and part of our commitment to your sucessfull goal, you are FREE to continue your classes for a period of next 6 months to improve your score.

I am feeling tensed, nervous and anxious to appear for PTE examination. Please suggest what should I do?

No worries. We understand you perfectly as our expert trainers themselves have gone through what you are going through. It is quite natural to feel tensed when lot of things are at stake. At ELLI, during our Confidence Booster session we sit with you: one on one basis, listen to you to understand you; and counsel you to effectively overcome this anxiety and tension as anxiety and tension will not help you and us to achieve our objectives. We have enough techniques, reasons and expertise to help you overcome this problem.

How is ELLI placed in comparison with the competitors? Are you better and what are your advantages?

At ELLI, we do not worry about competition. We are 100% confident in what we are doing. We are committed and driven by passion to hand hold you to score your desired band in PTE examination. Quite honestly, you should be lucky enough to choose us and proceed with us to be 100% satisfied and score your desired band in the PTE examination. Moreover, we go beyond the normal call of duty and go in depth to equip you to score your desired band in the PTE examination. The revolutionary “confidence booster session” is an example. Soon, you will see many of our competition implementing this to catch up with us! Even if you miss your desired score requirements in your first attempt, No worries you are FREE to continue your classes for a period of next 6 months to improve your score.

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