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We are playing a leading role as a reputed international student recruitment agency by helping students from Asia Pacific Education Consultants Pty Ltd to choose the best courses and universities appropriate for them. As a leading agency for education consultancy, Asia Pacific Education Consultants has curved out its niche in the education sector in terms of professionalism.



There are several state nominated skilled visa options for people who want to live and work in Victoria: 

  • the Skilled Nominated (190) visa
  • the Skilled – Sponsored (886) visa 
  • the Skilled Regional (489) visa



International Graduates

Graduating international students in Victoria, Australia, may be eligible for a number of options for further visas. These visa options may include

  • a temporary graduate visa to gain work experience
  • an independent visa
  • a state or territory nominated visa
  • an employer sponsored visa
  • a family sponsored visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website provides information about your full range of visa options and their processing priorities. The DIAC website will help you find out if you are eligible for one of these visas or check the table below for a broad overview of the kinds of visas that may suit you.

State Nomination

The Victorian Government provides free state nomination for eligible international graduates with specific skills, who have completed their studies in Australia and want to live and work in Victoria. Check the State Nomination Occupation List for Graduates to see if your specific skills are eligible for state nomination.



 Partner visas 


This visa type is suitable for the wife, husband or de-facto (including same sex relationship) partner of an Australian sponsor. There are several requirements that applicants must meet in order to be considered for a Partner Visa:


Must be of marriageable age:

  • If either partner currently resides in Australia, both must have turned 18;
  • If neither partner resides in Australia, both must have turned 16;
  • Provisions exist for persons between the ages of 16 and 18 to marry under court order. 

If married - marriage must be recognised under Australian Law:

  • Marriage must be legal in Australia or in country of marriage.
  • Marriages NOT recognised include:
  • Arranged or proxy marriages (husband and wife must have physically met before marriage, and live together after marriage);
  • Polygamous marriage;
  • Marriages within prohibited degrees of relationship (generally meaning close family members);
  • Same sex marriage (considered a de facto relationship);
  • Marriage of convenience;
  • Marriage that is only recognised by custom.

If unmarried – must be in a de facto (includes same sex relationships) relationship:

  • Live together (or do not live apart on a permanent basis);
  • Commitment to a shared life as husband and wife to exclusion of all others;
  • Must have lived together for a period of at least 12 months prior to lodging visa application.
    This visa can be applied for from within, or outside of Australia.



 Employer Sponsor visas 


The requirements for the ENS Visa have two stages:

Stage 1: Employer Nomination for a Position
Stage 2: Visa Application



Stage 1 - Employer Nomination for a Position

The employer needs to show the following:

  • Company is lawfully and actively operating in Australia;
  • Company has a sound business record and abides by immigration laws;
  • Company has a commitment to training staff.
  • Company has a genuine need for a position (occupation) on the appropriate government list;
  • The position is full time and for at least 3 years; and
  • The position is to be paid at or above a minimum salary level.

Stage 2 – Visa Application
The employee needs to show the following:

Employee has the required skills for the position.



Business Innovation and Investment Program - State Nominated

Business Innovation and Investment visas are available to successful business owners or investors who want to live in Victoria and develop a business and residence.

The basic requirements for entry to Australia on a Business Innovation and Investment visa are to:

  • be aged 54 years or less
  • have a successful business/investment record
  • have a designated amount of net assets
  • intend to establish a business in Victoria
  • intend to reside in Victoria.


1. Permanent state nominated business visa

#132 State Nominated Business Talent (Permanent) visa

This is a visa for high calibre business people aged 54* or less who can demonstrate substantial commercial achievements and are proposing to establish a business which will be of 'exceptional' economic benefit to Victoria.


2. Provisional state nominated business visa

#188(A) State Nominated Business Innovation (Provisional) visa

This visa is for successful business owners who wish to migrate to Australia to establish an ‘eligible’ business in Victoria. To qualify, applicants must meet DIAC’s SkillSelect Points Test and qualify for the relevant visa criteria.

#188(B) State Nominated Investor (Provisional) visa

This visa is for successful investors who wish to migrate to Australia to invest and establish an ‘eligible’ business in Victoria. To qualify applicants must meet DIAC’s SkillSelect Points Test and qualify for the relevant visa criteria.

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  • Mastercard / Visa Mastercard / Visa

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276 Flinders street, Melbourne City Centre VIC 3000

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