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With Aneesa Parker you won’t just get legal advice. You’ll get advice you can use, tailored to your needs, underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge.

Who is Aneesa Parker?

Aneesa  Parker is a well known Principal Solicitor and Notary Public. She has a Bachelor of Law from the University of Sydney and Masters in IT. She is admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia. Aneesa is also a member of Sydney Law Society.

Why should I choose Aneesa Parker and not someone for legal advice?

Aneesa Parker has always aimed to help people to reach a complete and workable agreement, preferably through negotiation to minimize the trauma of going to the court. She will give you a legal advice and time to think to choose the best option for yourself. Once you have decided, she will help you to make a plan and implement it.

 What areas of Law can Aneesa Parker help me with?

Business Law - Running a business is demanding. It’s vital that you have the right legal documents in place and a lawyer to assist you with any business issue or disputes that may arise.

She can help you with:

  • Starting A Business
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Business Agreements and Advice
  • Franchise Distribution
  • Preparing Partnership Contract
  • Contract Drafting and Reviews
  • Resolve Partnership Disputes
  • Internet Law
  • Disputes over the internet

Real Estate Law - Whether you’re an investor, lender, developer, landowner, tenant, buyer or seller of real estate, you know the challenges of this rapidly growing market—and you want experienced counsel from someone who understand your needs.

She can help you with:

  • Sale and Purchase of Property
  • Commercial Development
  • Real Estate Acquisition Disposition and Property Management
  • Real Estate Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Other Co-Ownerships
  • Real Estate Leasing Occupation and Operation
  • Tenancy Dispute Resolution
  • Tax Credits and Tax-Advantaged Investing

Family Law - Personal relationships are among the most sensitive, rewarding and important in our lives, but the truth is they are not always easy.

She can help you with:

  • Dowry, AVO & Separation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce
  • De Facto Relationships
  • Division of Assets & Liabilities
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Will Disputes & Updates
  • Child Custody & Visitation

Succession Planning Law - Let it be an accident, disease or death, the day will come when you can no longer personally provide for the financial, health and emotional well being of those you love. But a well-structured succession plan can give you a peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for as you intended.

She can help you with:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Guardianship
  • Financial Guardianship
  • Testamentary Trust Wills

Administrative Law – We can provide you with expert advice on how to protect your rights and preserve your interests. Let it be dealing with your local counsel or with a school or university department, we will assist you by dealing with the regulatory authority on your behalf to attempt to make decisions in accordance with the legal parameters governing these bodies.

She can help you with:

  • Challenging Government / Departmental decisions where justice has been denied or unfair decision making processes have been adopted.
  • Anti-discrimination cases
  • Equal opportunity cases
  • Traffic Offence

Litigation - Preparation and strategy is crucial to success in any litigation matter. We are able to undertake proceedings in all Courts and jurisdictions, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, as well as offering assistance with negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and representation to solve the matter out of court if possible. We also have a Barrister to help us with the case in Supreme Court.

Notary Public – Aneesa Parker can not only take oaths, signs and witnesses documents for use within Australia, but also performs similar functions in respect of international documents.

She can help you with:

  • Attests documents and certifies their due execution for use in Australia and overseas countries
  • Prepares and certifies powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries
  • Administers oaths for Australian and international documents
  • Witness signatures to affidavits, statutory declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, and other documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries
  • Verifies documents for use in Australia and overseas countries
  • Certifies copy documents for use in Australia and overseas countries
  • Exemplifies official documents for use internationally

When can I visit and do I need to bring any documents for legal advice?

Aneesa is available 7 days a week, she can be contacted on the above given contact number. But it is advised to book an appointment before making a visit. No legal advice will be provided over the phone. To help you the best Aneesa will need to see you in person in her office to understand more about you and your concern. For Initial counselling $30 fee is applicable.

Once initial counselling is finished you will be provided with an oral and written advice to make sure you have all the information you needed. An email will also to sent to you as so that you can go through all the conversation again and make up your mind with which option to choose from.

Please bring following documents for initial counselling

  • Your Photo ID
  • Any documents related to your case study to understand your history

Once I have decided to go ahead with you, How much will be the charges?

As far as possible, we always provide you a Fixed Written Quote. Only for Litigation matters. It may be revised up or down due to other party’s unpredictable mischiefs (or Out-of-Court settlement).

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Accepted Payment Methods

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  • Transfer to Bank Account Transfer to Bank Account

Languages We Speak

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Gujrati


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